Motorised Blinds

Motorised blinds are fast becoming a best-selling product at Blindfolded.  We offer electric vertical blinds and both electric and rechargeable, lithium-battery operated roller blinds.  Our motorised blinds are perfect for homes with children, as they do not use any cords.

Our electric blinds are mains operated and use a remote control.  They contain either Somfy or Louvolite motors.

Our rechargeable, lithium-battery operated roller blinds have no wires, are perfect for retro-fitting once your decorating is complete and recharge using a simple, detachable wall plug.  Much like charging a mobile phone, our lithium battery blinds fully charge in two hours and will then operate for up to six months before needing recharging again.

Up to fifteen blinds can be operated using one handset, providing a tidy and compact motorised system.

  • Battery rechargeable motors
  • Perfect for retro fitting/no damage to walls or plaster work
  • 5 and 15 channel remote controls
  • Operate each blind individually or as a group control
  • Optional timer remote controls operate the blinds when you are on holiday/ideal for added home security
  • Optional Wi fi enabled controls operated via app from your smart phone
  • Blackout blinds perfect for Baby’s room and home cinema rooms